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Music Is My Weapon

by Hasan Salaam

“Miss America” written by: Hasan Salaam Verse 1 Shorties not the wife type/ She goes as the wind blows/ Fuck the world literal/ political nympho/ Sex symbol of hope for the flirtatious offer/ But she keeps her legs closed for those south of the border/ Sort of a tease never goes the whole way/ Accept for her vacay’s to Guantanamo Bay/ U.K. put her on the scene at 13/ now round the way she’s known as the American Dream/ Rolled with the Taliban for Afghan poppy/ Sold coke with the Contras/ Built banks with Nazi’s/ Folks Illuminati so despite the floss/ wasn’t none of her shit stitched by no Betsy Ross/ Born date on 4th of July/ and by the 5th she had the whole world caught up in her lies/ Her eyes dollar signs/ money talk keeps her dripping/ Mei Guo vixen/ Queen of Capitalism… Verse 2 Don’t be fooled by the pageantry it’s all cosmetic/ her ethics are deceptive/ Silicone synthetic/ far from sympathetic lest her interests are invested/ And she shops at stock markets in debt with bad credit/ Self-centeredness bring out the worst in Mother Earth/ Toxic relationship she puts her needs 1st/ Acts all holier than thou but make sure she separates estate from the church/ Post racial but I can’t tell the word nigger still rolls off her tongue so well/ The new Jim Crow from up North to down South/ And took 500 years to let Black folk in the house/ Miss America… Verse3 Said there’s no just war there’s JUST war/ Guns bust more for the blood lust whore to get fucked more/ Foul to the core/ she did the 9th ward raw/ And she loves getting face at the top of Mount Rushmore/ Miss America was burning before Libya/ Gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, Chlamydia/ Signature been on so many broken promises/ You’d think her new relationships required doctors documents/ Turn politricks straight ripping and robbing/ Bad break with her ex/ Osama Bin Laden/ Been getting it popping since she knew she could bank it/ Giving hand jobs naked under small pox blankets/ Fake lips and tits still chasing the dragon/ At the next party wasted openly tea bagging/ Bragging like she’s the only one under God/ But round here Miss America’s the smuttiest broad/ Miss America


The concept behind Hasan Salaam’s EP “Music Is My Weapon” is the belief that music can be used as a powerful tool in the pursuit of freedom, justice, and equality. With the release of the project, Hasan is aiming to prove that music can change people’s lives, literally. All profits from the sale of the EP will be used to fund a school, clean water well, and medical clinic in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.


released December 6, 2011


all rights reserved



Hasan Salaam New Jersey

Hasan Salaam's music paints vivid pictures of the commonalities that bind us: struggle, love, & pain. It's this ability, to touch people at their core, which has garnered Hasan a loyal fan base all over the world. In addition to his musical successes, Hasan has remained dedicated to his work in the community & speaks regularly at conferences & panels, to help bring awareness to vital social issues ... more

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